Old Farm Mews, Vale of Glamorgan: Making a Street

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A redevelopment of a brownfield urban site with high density housing using an innovative, contemporary design reflecting an evolution of house form. The scheme responds to the age we live in and to the site’s historic setting to provide a range of dwelling sizes that will meet future environmental standards.

The mix of adaptable homes are set in linear form to create a rhythm along the sloping axis of the site. Each block is made up of a strong base topped by floating integrated elements which, by projecting or receding, respond to the physical needs (shading, shelter, privacy, access to natural light) of the development itself and of neighbouring dwellings. The accommodation is arranged over three floors with efficient layering of amenity space above functional spaces such as stores and car parking areas. Garden decks, roof top planting and small ground level courts, which are accessed from the main living areas, are watered as part of a rainwater attenuation system. These are resource efficient buildings which harness passive solar gain, have a highly insulated fabric and use a sustainable energy source.
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